I was recently flying a short flight and was instructed by atc to climb to fl 190 while on approach to the destination while I was currently at 4,000 ft. I responded unable because that didn’t seem wise to climb that high when I was about to enter the pattern. I was ghosted for not following instructions. Your allowed to respond unable when it seems reasonable right? If this seems like an unreasonable ghosting, am I able to have it reversed because I planned on flying in a Flyout Saturday, but now am unable.

Hey go to your logbook and contact who reported you!:)

can you tell us who the controller is from the logbook?

Manoel G. I saw he reported me also for not following my flight plan, but that was only because he instructed me to turn in the opposite direction of my flight path.

@MannyG is your guy to PM

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Where you on approach or departure, also it dosent seen fair to ghost you when you are on approach and you say unable to do that since you are heading to that Airport, but you should say you want approach Vectors tho

Ok, thanks guys!

No approach would ask you to climb that high…must have thought you are on transition or going out. Anyways it’s just my idea no way iamsuggesting, speak to your controller in pm he will clear things up for you.

He probably didn’t know that you were remaining in the pattern it’s a communication miss. I’ve also been in this situation.