I was just on the expert server waiting for an aircraft to land at VHHH I was waiting on the runway. I would like to know who took it upon themselves to ghost me because I had entered the runway without permission FYI there was no tower active at the time so how would I have known when to enter the runway.

Please check your logbook and contact the controller involved.


No worries will do 👍

I believe this update included a feature/warning for sitting idle on the runway for too long. I don’t know what the exact time restriction is, however I saw it pop up for me during a group flight, but was able to takeoff in time

There are moderators most likely sitting in an aircraft watching the airport. Did you line up after the inbound aircraft landed?

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Nah the aircraft was about 1-3 nm out

Yeah, I didn’t quite take off in time and then the message on screen wouldn’t go away even after I took off

Contact @Panther with your callsign and display name via private message to inquire. Thanks!