I was in the hongkong - singapore event and I waited 15 minutes to push back and every time I requested push back I was told to hold position. This wasn’t too bad because it was very busy and I didn’t mind waiting. But I only requested 3 times in the 15 minutes so every 5 minutes basically. But when I requested the third time a notification popped up on my screen saying that I’ve been ghosted and reported because I just asked if I could get push back permission which should’ve taken less than 15 minutes.

If someone could help me fix this wrongful ghost and suspension can you please message me to help.



Please do the following steps to contact the Controller you are looking for:

  1. Head to your logbook.
  2. Look at the flight you were ghosted in
  3. Click on the “Notes” section. (It should say Ghosted.)
  4. Look at the name, and send them a nice DM.

Hope this helps!

PM @CaptSnilloc. He’s the Controller.


Your not supposed to spam the frequency. It is busy so they will get to you eventually. Only give a command ONCE.

As he said, it was once every five mins, no one should have to wait that long!

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Gate hold = don’t spam the frequency with pushback :)

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If you can send the flight replay, I could take a look for you, no guarantee, I can tell you what went wrong. @The777

Exactly! I was patient too. Made sure I only did it every 5 minutes because I know they would’ve been overloaded with aircraft but I personally think that every 5 minutes is fair.

ATC is very busy from time to time. If you have to wait, then you have to wait. Please be patient or respectfully exit the app and try a new Airport :)

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Spam is every 30 seconds, this was every 5 minutes. 300 seconds!

3 times is straight up to often, dosent matter in what amount of time. IFATC dosent Forget about u dont worry. If u requested once and have been told to hold short, they will clear u as soon as possible but requesting more often dosent Speed it up, but rather cost the Controllers time. I assume he told u to avoid sending duplicate Messages by the second time. Please understand that Patients can be necessary at such busy Events and only if everyone behaves properly the professionalism and order on an Airport can remain.
So for the next time u should have learned this:

  • do not request for pushback ever more than 2 times (and only if the time went by is extremely Long)
  • understand that every other Pilot on the Airport is in the exact same Situation as u

@CaptSnilloc is your man, pm him!


It’s still spam because they know you want to pushback but think of all the other people who requested before you. They will get to you when they can

with the huge amount of pilots on an Airport and the Messages going through, that is a notable amount of unnecessary spam Messages that Prevent the Controller from working

There was a gate hold at VHHH. You only request once during a gate hold. You won’t be going anywhere for obvious reasons.

Plane Train is NOT the controller in question - please only provide accurate information if you are to comment.

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Also note that VHHH was incredibly busy at the time and the team there is having a lot of traffic to deal with. Duplicate messages adds to the madness.

I will get in touch shortly. Thanks

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