I was flying out of denver today with a call sign skywest 2541. I took off from denver no issues but as soon as I took off and was asked to contact departure, I did. Thereafter, I was asked to maintain a heading. I was about to do it and got a msg from the tower controller to again contact departure and in that point of time it was taking me a few seconds to manage but however the atc decided to ghost me. Please I would request to get the ghost off and I will make sure it will never happen again. I have exams coming up and as a relief I have purchased a month subscription. @Joe @GHamsz

Contact the controller that ghosted you by PM.

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Gary was your controller. He will explain shortly. Lest not forget that the event posting and ATIS said straight out departures so you should have held your runway heading until the departure controller gave you instructions.

Leaving this one open as there are lessons to be learned by all especially during events with distinct and specific ATIS instructions


Sorry I forgot to mention. I was maintaining runway heading.

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Folks. We are going to leave this one open and try something different out. Do not flag this topic for closure. The moderators are keeping an eye on this topic and any non-relevant replies will be flagged. Please keep it civil as we’d like to use this opportunity for the OP to learn from his mistakes as well as give others the opportunity to learn what not to do in future instances such as this.



You took off, and made an immediate turn west. I instructed you to turn 170 (runway heading) but you were unable, so I ghosted you. When it’s that busy, you better bring your A game!


I agree with Chris, let this be a learning moment for everyone. If you don’t know what certain commands mean, ask someone and we will be glad to help you.


As a pilot you may not understand why you’re being given certain instructions, it’s best to follow them and if something doesn’t seem right, take some screenshots and contact the controller afterwards. We’re more than willing to explain our thought process.

In this case, There were a number of arrivals on 17/16 downwind, so my plan for people departing on 17/16 heading east/west was to keep them on runway heading until they had gained enough altitude to clear the arrivals. I also have to keep parallel departures clear of each other and on the fly figure out how to accommodate crossing flightplans. So there’s a lot more going on than you realize, and as a result, not a lot of room for error. People not following instructions take valuable time away from accomplishing those tasks.