Ghosted without warning

I just have been ghosted for excessive speed as I flew very fast near an controlled AIRBASE! The ATC didn’t say anything to me to slow down or avoid the certain area, I mean I flew near an Airbase at 3500ft with 1000 knots, I know it’s not very nice but it’s kind of normal that fighter jets like a F14 go very fast for training missions and similar things. I regret doing this but in my opinion the ATC didn’t behave professional. Where can I find help to discuss about the ghosting?

You flew into atc airpace with Ridiculous speed at 3500ft you should have been ghosted you can contact the controller if you want to discuss this further you can find it in your logbook. Take the week to reflect and come back to the expert server with a better knowledge of the rules that apply with the expert server. If you want to do that sort of flying you can do it in the casual server

You can come back to the expert server and become a better pilot


this truly was your fault as it isnt needed for atc to warn u for disrupting his session

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Hello @Louis_DHE welcome to the community.

I think the reason why you got ghosted for overspeeding is because of your altitude. The rule is normally not to exceed 250kts below 10,000ft (if I am correct, that’s the general rule).

It’s advised that if you want to fly above the 1 mach to fly that from 18,000ft and above. But since you flew 1.0 mach + at 3,500ft you got ghosted.

When you entered the controller’s airspace were you on his/hers/its frequency? If you were, I’d think the controller would maybe give you a warning? But that depends on the controller itself…

and guys, instead of saying it’s his/her/its own fault give a constructive explanation, the pilot knows obviously what he/she/it did wrong. But just want some clarification


Seems like you know the reason for the ghost yourself 🙂