Ghosted without warning

I need someone’s help? I have 270,000hrs of Flight time and 206,000XP. I checked-in to the approach server and got no response. After approximately 5 minutes I asked the approach server for radar vectors into PHTO and he ghosted me with no response. Now I have a grade of 2 and I have not had any violations. Can someone please explain how this can happen?

Did you get the controllers name?

That doesn’t matter at all. I have ghosted people with 200000XP+ a lot of times…

Unfortunately the controller left right after the ghosting. He did not even give a warning.

And again unfortunately we can’t do much about this then. The staff may be able to look up the records of ghosts recently, but I think that would be it.

Thank you very much.

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It happened this morning around 10am Est. time.

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Hawaii Region. Hilo International Airport (PHTO).

seems like something fishy is going on

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The big guys up front (Tyler Shelton lol) can look at a history of the ghosting S. He will know who it was, etc.

It makes it difficult to get information from the controller when the complaint is made 8 hours after the ghosting. They may or may not remember what happened. I’ll ask the controller and see if he remembers. However, he’s one of our best so I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason.

There should be a rule in the forum stating nobody should respond to a ghosting complaint except the involved persons. I would make the work easier and avoid unnecessary statements

I am sorry for the late complaint posting. I just got on to this forum today and I have never had any issues with the controllers. I only fly on the Adavance Server and I have maintained a 100% rating since multiplayer started.

Here’s is the screen shot from the controller taken right before you were ghosted. As you can see, you were not on his frequency and after an on-guard, you still hadn’t switched.

Make sure you respond to all requests made by ATC to contact their frequency. The airspace was pretty busy and the controller had to be able to send commands to everyone.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!



Thanks Joe! @jeffrey_fitts & @IFGP_Lare if you are still confused PM @jreilly2311 I’m sure he’d love to clear up any confusion:)