Ghosted without any warning

Hello, I was on a flight from Hong Kong to Taiwan and before taking off I had made a flight plan. When I was cleared for takeoff, I was told by the atc that I should fly runway heading at or above 3000 feet. Soon after takeoff, I wanted to switch my autopilot on and by mistake I switched my GPS which caused the aircraft to turn before 3000 feet. All of a sudden the ATC Controller ghosted me without giving me any warning. To the best of my knowledge and from what I’ve read on other posts, a controller always gives you a warning before ghosting you. For such a small mistake I’ve been degraded to grade 2 for a week. This seems to be really flawed and unfair. Please help!


Controller doesn’t always give you a warning and I’m speaking from own experience.
Best thing to do is to pm the controller.


Please PM @appeals


Please check out this:


Yes, as said above, PM the controller. IFATC are not required to give a warning. That simple mistake could have been easily avoided, and also corrected. It could have caused a conflict between you and another aircraft.
Also, not sure but for future reference, I think this should be in #live as it is not a technical issue with the app.

Thank you! And good luck with your appeal!

Edit: oh yes, do what has been said aboce with the linked thread.


Not your lucky day. Welcome to expert.


Depending on your offense, ATC may or may not ghost you without warning. If you start taking off from a taxiway or enter the flight path of another aircraft, ATC reserves the right to ghost you without warning. If you accidentally repeat a message, you more often than not get a warning. These are just a couple examples.

Just a short explanation adding on to what was said above. 7 days may sound long but you’ll be back on the server before you know it with more knowledge than before.


Everyone, I’m going to ask you all to stop talking about what happened. Just let the OP PM @appeals.

Thanks guys.