Ghosted while Taxiing on Expert Server

I was taxiing at Lisbon Airport at 20 kts when out of nowhere my plane entered a nosedive into the ground (no idea how that happens).

All of a sudden I got both stall warnings and overspeed warnings (over 260 kts), which is physically impossible, and then I was ghosted from the server for performing aerobatic maneuvers near an airport.

Can this be undone? I have watched the replay and it literally makes no sense, it’s as if my plane fell into some invisible hole in the ground…

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Violations will be removed if they were caused by the simulator.

It sounds like this was likely a common issue with the simulator where terrain files become corrupt.

Shoot off a message to @moderators and they’ll make the final decision if it shall be reversed. (:

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Just to add on, if this happens again, clear your scenery cache then restart the app and you should be all good.

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