Ghosted while on phone call

Recently I was on my phone app flying on FNF. I received two business phone calls back to back that I needed to take. It totaled approximately 15 minutes. When I returned I was ghosted for unable to communicate. I totally understand why I got ghosted, but I am asking if this may be reversed due to circumstances beyond my control. Thank you.

Call sign: Eurowings 808

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Contact @Julius97 as he was the controller at the time!

Also there is no need to make a topic on it, just PM controller and that’s sorted. If you don’t know controller tag, ask a ATC moderator such as Tyler Shelton as he should know

@Jack_BC - You are not the one, who will judge whether the ghosting should be removed or not. The OP has already been advised to contact the controller in a PM and they will discuss everything there.