Ghosted while landing

I got ghosted for aligning with the wrong runway, however as the controller told me that I began to align with the correct one. Still, they ghosted me. Is there a way someone could get rid of my ghost?

I was promptly replying to his command yet I still got ghosted!

Contact the controller, making a whole post for this is unnecessary.



Please check in your logbook for the name of the controller that ghosted you. Post their name here and we’ll help you identify him/her to get in touch with him/her 👍

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Every one that get ghosted always make a post, it’s unnecessary

Yup. We have no idea what the situation was, the only people that know exactly what happened is the pilot and the controller.

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ok @AlphaSeven its IFATC IFAE-Luca

Not everyone knows to directly pm the controller


can anyone contact him?

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Pm him to know why

You have to do it

As @Jster82x is TL2 is allowed to contact Luca by PM

I think this post can be closed

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Pm @GCasali and he’ll help you


ok thanks guys!

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I’m gonna ask to a modo to close it

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@GCasali I believe this should be him.

You don’t need to tag the mods. Just flag it.


Okay people, there is no reason to tag every single moderator or staff you can come up with.

Flag and that’s it.


is his account @GCasali

Yes contact him