Ghosted while idling on the runway

I was at sfo when airspace was uncontrolled and I was ghosted for waiting on the runway as another plane was taking off. That just doesn’t seem right to me. Are you not allowed to line up and wait anymore?

not for longer than 60 seconds…it’s always been that way. Can’t be idling on the runway for too long - blocks other traffic. Only LUAW if you are told to by an active controller.

In an uncontrolled airport, i recommend you dont line up and wait - wait for the landing aircraft to announce “clear of all runways”, then announce your takeoff, then get on the runway and go go go.
For reference:


You cant be idle on a active runway for a certain amount of time. Thats why

*Provided that ATC is not present.

You can still LUAW as normal if there’s active ATC.


as long as ATC instruct you to do so :P going on the runway without instruction also ends up with ghosting


I thought it was 30 seconds

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