Ghosted when instructed to cross runway

So, I just landed at KYKM from KYEG, and while I was taxiing to parking, I needed to cross RWY 22. So I contacted ground and requested to cross RWY 22. When I looked back at the replay, I requested to Cross 27 by mistake. However, ground realised that I needed to cross 22, so he gave me permission to cross. And at that moment, I had been ghosted. My Callsign was G-CNBS1

Send a PM to the controller that ghosted you.
Check your logbook and it should show who reported you.

Look in your logbook to see who ghosted you, then PM him in a post. Be respectful and responsible for your actions. If you were instructed to cross whilst an aircraft was taking off or on final then it was both to blame. You as a pilot need to be aware of the aircraft around you, as much as the ATC does.

This was the point where I had been ghosted

It also doesn’t says who had ghosted me

Check your logbook it should say who ghosted you

@Captain_Zen is your controller, he’ll get back to you after controlling.

Yeah I found it now. I’ll get in touch

That’s @Julius97

Okay thanks 👍🏾

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So it’s not me right…?