Ghosted users can't return back Live for few minutes after being ghosted.

I will submit, when you’re ghosted, you can’t fly in Live until 10 minutes, second time 20 minutes, after 30, 60 2h 4h 12h etc…

and add a reason for ghost like : block the runway, not follow instructions, etc… like :

“You’re been ghosted for this reason : “Runway blocking” . You can’t return to Live mode until 10 minutes. In case of recidive, the time can be extended.”


We cannot give anybody that power. If you did it could be abused. Its the same for the moderators on here. They have no controlling them.

Police the Police…


Adding a reason might be a good idea. I thought we used to have ghosting that lasted for 60 minutes.

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I don’t think it is a wise decision to criticize the administrative team in public like this, you are just asking for more problems.


We already have this in place other then the reasoning because people typically know the reason why they where ghosted. I’m assuming this is a playground request? Use the report button. No one will ever be allowed to ghost on the playground

Why not? If they believe in the forum people are able to voice questions, opinions and criticisms. If they dont then the forum will die. If you would like I can put something inflammatory where a moderator clearly displays their arrogance towards the forum.

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@Makeaflightforfun As I know you are talking about me Mr. James, please go ahead and then if you do I will take it as an OK from your side to make public what you told me on your first account that got suspended for 7 days…

Now back on topic,


This is a good idea, would be nice so people can learn or understand why they are ghosted. Just the timings you are using as an example are open for discusion. Another great idea, thanks!


just keep the 3-users flag rule, guy. just that… and this can be reserved to 100% Standing people, or people over lot of XP.

I think this is a greay idea

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Well, advanced controllers have 3 ghosting options (session, 10, and 60 min.). And when the report button is tapped 3 times by different users inflight I believe u are ghosted for 60 minutes. A 12 hr ghosting would not be applicable because of reasons previously stated.
I like the reasons idea to tell people why they were ghosted also.