Ghosted upon initial contact by IFAE Will A

Good evening all.
I’ve just been ghosted by IFAE Will A upon requesting Radar Vectors into CYUL, after beginning descent from FL400 - 120nm out (which is usual for a flight at FL400).

I’d like to ask IFAE Will A as to why he automatically ghosted me?

He states “improper arrival procedures” when none have been stipulated.

Another unfair ghosting and abuse of power!!


Hey, I’m very sure this isn’t for no reason. Please don’t say that it’s an abuse of power.

Send @Will_A a DM, I’m 99% sure you won’t get the ghost removed with this attitude


If you contact ATC at anywhere above 30,000ft… that’s grounds for ghosting

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By the way, I can already tell you that you were way too high for contacting ATC


There’s no need to tell them where they went wrong. The controller will explain it all to them with a proper explanation. If you aren’t the controller, stay out of it and leave it to the controller to explain it. 😄


Drop @Will_A a PM :)