Ghosted unfairly

i got reported for entering a runway by the controller at burbank. the aircraft infront of me did the same thing and was not ghosted like me.

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Check your logbook for the controllers username and DM that user. If you have trouble finding them on here, check the IFATC directory found here:


Can you explain a bit more

Both of you, no need to ask for that.

Let the OP find the controller and they can handle it in a PM.


Chillax, he’s trying to find his controller and work it out.


Well the current controller is @Speedbird_286 so it could be him. Anyways go to your logbook and send a screenshot of the controller

Most likely him if this happened in the last hour or so (sorry if it’s not you speedbird 286)

Weh, a ghosting report like this should have 3 messages max. Person askes who, OP responds, then someone gives them the controllers name. Thread gets closed. Simple. Idk why people keep posting or typing. As @Thunderbolt said just wait for the OP to respond. Move any unnecessary talks to a PM.


I don’t want to be rude, but I’m tired of people not handling it in private and making bold statements instead. I mean, the guy comes here only when he gets ghosted, so maybe he could have at least searched for how to appeal ghost. I mean, the second post for the “appeal ghost” query explains it all except for the list from fpltoif

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@Izaak_Collins please PM @Speedbird_286. Please be prepared to share your replay file.