Ghosted unfairly

I have been ghosted by a failure of Julius-IFAE. I had the clearance to land on the 21 and suddenly a plane that was taking off (which gave the clearance to land) crossed, tells me to keep the position so that I do not cross with the other plane but it is inebitable since I I was at good speed braking due to the landing. As I say we crossed the two planes and I was ghosted. I would like to talk to Julius and have my gohsted retired, since it is very unfair and it was not my fault.
Postscript, the landing was frightening: I was very nervous with my first FNF on the expert server.

Please contact @Julius97 for further discussion.Thanks!

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Your controller is @Julius97, contact him via PM to discuss this please :)


Thank you @Kaj @Matt_1

Contact @Julius97 He is the ATC at the moment Talk to Him Via PM Thanks

Please refrain from commenting anymore, the user has received the information they requested multiple times.

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Looks like you had plenty of time to exit the runway before the active runway intersection. Then you came to a complete stop on the active intersecting runway. I’ve saw a couple mistakes you’ve made along with making duplicate messages to tower about being on final.

Your not in the clear here, but I would be surprised if he took away your ghost.