Ghosted so fast!

Juste a litlle bit upset that i have been just goshted when landing to KIAD airport.
Atc gave1R and aligned ME 1L. I start to turn right to align on 1R and ask to change frequency to tower…and goshted.
I am understand that and I have been informed but the decision was so fast that I haven’t time to corrected my heading .
I know that I was a litlle bit late when atc gave me order and this is the rules.
I just want to say that if atc could be a little bit gentle that will be great!!!
In the same time I want to thank all of them for the great and thought job they are doing every day… thanks a lot for that!!!

Now I need to wait again 7 days before to perform the expert server.

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Look in your logbook and contact the controller for further discussion.


Hey, welcome to the forum! :)

If you want to discuss your ghost with the controller, check your logbook in Infinite Flight and click on the flight where you were ghosted. It will state the controller’s name. I can tag them here and you can message them and they will explain why you were ghosted :)

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he is basic he can PM him himself :) But if he doesnt find who to contact of course we will tag him :)

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@Pilothodge80 May be the man you’re looking for

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Prashant divedi

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I know the reason for the ghost can be stated in a PM, but it was unnecessary to ask for a frequency change.
Approach will tell you to change to Tower frequency

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Considering the fact that his profile says retired from IF, I highly doubt that he was the controller. Unless you absolutely know who the controller is, don’t reply. You’re doing more harm than good.

As for everyone else, you need to stop replying. You guys are not helping the situation.

The controller will PM the op when he has time.


Of course understood but why I was tracked on a different runway as I was assigned, this is the only think I want to know without make any trouble for anyone.
Already sent him a message to ask …

The controller will get back to you. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to myself or another mod :) Cheers!