Ghosted Randomly While on Casual

So last week on Tuesday i got alot of violations and ghosted randomly as i switch cameras so i think as it switch i must of hit the power all the way up accidentally. so i got 6 violations and it said 7 days. 7 days later i still have them I don’t understand

The sever I think I was on was casual sever

How did you get a violation on casual?

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This can’t be possible…


I dont know thats the thing it just popped out and boom ghosted

thats what im saying

Do you have any screenshots? Please send over your last used callsign and display name. The moderators could have a look at the logs. :)

You were probably on Training Server. And your violations stick with you permanently, but after 7 days it should say “Zero violations in the past 7 days”. If it doesn’t say that, then I’d recommend contacting a developer or moderator. I hope you can get this solved soon!

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okay but im pretty sure i was on casual

yeah i hope i miss being on expert again

Another possibility is being reported by someone.

i dont know if anyone was their but my friends

The callsign I was using at the time was N2Q

still showing as 6 violations in the last 7 days. Guess depends when the days start from the servers perspective. Suggest try again in 24hrs time!

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i did get the violations Tuesday night so but its wednesday now

yes but it depends when the server changes its “Days” as this will likely to be in a different part of the world to where you are. Also it may reset at midnight local or noon local or another time.

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Should i contact Laura to see if she can help or who else should I contact

No, I wouldn’t do that as she is currently very busy.

Try contacting the live moderators (@Tyler_Shelton or @Joe) and they could probably help you out. Make sure to provide them with your recent callsign and your display name and any other information like the screenshots you provided above.


Thank you very much sir!

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Do what @Nathan said and they should be able to figure it out. Is it possible that you went to far out of the region and were ghosted for that?

Where you doing a turbulent Tuesday? Then, moderators still have power to ghost, even on casual.