Ghosted Question

I was flying a pattern at KNUC on Advanced in an F-14. I was told to contact Approach, but I was popping super tight patterns, thus never leaving Tower aerospace. Just happened now.



Oh, and I forgot the controllers name.


I need a reply ASAP.

Tower should keep pattern work unless they have a ton of inbounds. If that’s the case, you’re going to be told to contact APPR for radar patterns instead.

I was just in SoCal and there was a lot of traffic. Tower doesn’t have an option to tell you ‘Radar Patterns’ thus switching you to APPR for vectors.

Please be sure to follow ATC instructions. If you have a question about it, ask here AFTER your flight. If you ignore instructions, the results will be the same everytime.


So am I ghosted. Oh FFS.

It would appear that way. Sorry. But, at least you know for next time!