Ghosted over 10k?

Was flying out of Netherlands, F14 over 10K feet. Atc approved departure to the north. Flying at about 400 knots and I’m notified that I’m invisible for 60 minutes. Not really sure why…

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The limit over FL100 is 350 knots IAS… you were going 375


What @Jeffrey1o2 it is just like driving a car, you get caught going over the speed limit, you get pulled over and get a ticket, the ticket being getting ghosted

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So there’s a speed restriction even though he’s in a fighter?

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Yes there has been for more then a year now. 350KIAS under 40,000 ft he was beyond that. Overspeed is something completely different

Of course. A fighter jet is still an airplane…

Correct me if I’m wrong. But I think You have to be over 40k

Sooo I wanna know what does ghosted actually do

Oh, thanks for That, haven’t flown any fighters for the longest while, plus finding the balance to not go over certain knots with a jets engine has it’s challenges

I remember in SoCal jets were firewalling their throttles once they pass 10k

Why are there no warnings for this? I get the 250 under 10k, but this is the first I ever heard of 350

I was probably one of those.

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Is this a rule from IF or from the community?

Not one correct among the bunch.

The restriction is not based on airspeed. The restriction is 550 knots groundspeed for fighters below FL400 and any other aircraft at any altitude.

This image here shows you below that restriction, but it may be a later picture, we have no way of knowing.

The proper procedure for a ghosting is to contact the specific controller who ghosted you (if you know) or Joe, Mark Denton, or Tyler Shelton if you don’t.

For those of you not involved, since you don’t know who or why, it’s best left to a private conversation via PM with the controller and/or a mod. Conjecture, especially when incorrect, is not helpful. This includes any IFATC who were uninvolved (I’m pointing out the correct procedure, that is fine; not speculating as to the reason, incorrectly so, I might add).


Probably not implemented in IF yet?, funny enough I used to do that once I passed 10k too, at 20k+ to be precise, so hearing about this restriction is strange to me.