Ghosted On first time flying expert

I was ghosted for no reason using Heathrow approach, He asked me to turn right heading 240 and decsend and maintain 5,000 feet. I programmed my AP to this and he still ghosted me. I did have a flight plan but since I was using AP and I FID NOT have NAV turned on so I WASNT following the flight plan… I do have a recording…

Can you share the recording?

Contact the controller

He is currently TL0 so therefore he cannot message him.

Yea I would contact the controller because the other day i got ghosted but there was a misunderstanding so they undid it.

Contact the controller please they can give you a good reason make sure u have evidence to back up your claims



The current approach-controller at EGLL is @Karl.Luebs. I will add you to a PM since you still are TL0.


Just contacting @NightDevYT now. Thanks!
Mod please can you take this down 👍

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Yeah just spoken to him via a VA and he has a message back with a reason now

make sure u check these out as this is your first time on expert Newcomers guide to Infinite Flight Live

SORRY, Didn’t realize it was actually a mistake on my end😂I accidentally put my speed to 240 instead of my heading lol