Ghosted on final at EDDF

so i recently did a flight from brusells to frankfurt on a crj900, approach queue was kinda long. on final, i am cleared to land on runway 25R. about 300ish feet not sure, i did a go around and proceeded to turn right as instructed by atc.

just like any go around i contacted approach that ive executed a missed approach. controller then gave me vectors for runway 25c. turning to base, i realize a aircraft approaching runway 25R is right in front of me at 4000 feet while i am at 3000 and it was something that shouldn’t happen in expert server.

now i’m on final for 25R and reported to tower that I have emergency fuel of 8 minutes (i had extra fuel but approach queue was really long) then announced inbound for runway 25C. about 10 seconds after, i was told that i got reported for altitude/speed etc.

im not sure if i have done something wrong here or was it the ATC. im pretty new and just reached grade 3 in less than a week so i’d like someone to help me about this.


@Juan_Oosthuizen is your controller. He will get to you soon.


@Kaven First of all welcome to the community!

Some feedback-

You were cleared for the ILS approach RWY 25R, for confirmation you can check my final intercept vector I sent to you. You can’t change your assigned runway to 25C as there was other traffic inbound on 25C, as you said, at 4000ft. You were at 3000ft. This is perfectly fine as vertical seperation minimums are 1000ft between aircraft.

I ghosted you due to the interference with the other aircraft following his received instructions inbound on 25C

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them, I will be happy to assist!


Well I did 25R then go around and was given vectors for 25C probs due to the fact that I announced emergency fuel. Yeah 1000 feet is minimum separation but this is final approach which I find it slightly concerning but alright.

Anyhow I don’t have any complains whatsoever so ty for the feedback! :D


Yes I am aware of your go around, afterwards I never changed you to 25C, you were still on 25R

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Hi everyone,

Although I can see this has already been sorted, I do believe that it is better to not discuss these things on the forum, but instead via PM. Please object if I am wrong.



I’ve got one of those ghosts before. Sometimes when the airspace is too crowded the controller would rather ghost people who aren’t seemingly following instructions. It’s just an easier way for them to manage the controls. Just be careful next time.

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