Ghosted on expert sever

My name is Adeyemi, I was flying from eddf-ltba as Cargolux 165 heavy. I missed my top of descent and asked for approach from atc at approximately 90nm miles from the airport, the guy with name IFAE-IFATC Julius ghosted me just because I requested an approach into Ltba with low fuel. He didn’t reply my first message, waited for about 2mins, before sending another, and still didn’t reply, he ghosted me after resenting my last message for stupid reason. Just because he controls expert sever doesn’t mean he can do and undo, am so pissed up with infinite flight for this and will go back to p3d instead

You may contact the controller.

They is nothing that can be done if i contact him, I have been trying my best to have high grade and all of a sudden a guy from no where spoiled it for me

Please contact @Julius97 via PM.

Making topics will not resolve this. A PM might.

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If informed Julius of this thread. He will reach out via direct message @deeprince265

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