Ghosted on expert sever

Hi hope you’re doing well,
Today at appx 1720 GMT, I was flying F-16C (Callsign - R9) on the expert server where you were the controller at Socal Approach.
I just checked in and did not specify my intentions for radar vectors to the airport. I was expecting the normal reply to that call which would be, “Roger” but instead I got,”expect vectors for the ILS approach for xxx Rwy”. Which was not my intenson. I wanted to fly VFR and I did call that to you, twice, if I may add.

You acknowledged my VFR call by replying, “Roger” but soon after that you asked me turn to a specific HDG and Altitude. Supposingly for Spacing between traffic and I adhered to your instructions.
I tuned out of the frequency so that I don’t cause more confusion AND as I was not inside the Active airspace of the airport.
Seconds later I get a “Guard Warning”. That Warning was specifying that I was in an “Active Airspace” but clearly I wasn’t. I should have taken a screen shot for better explanation. (I’ll keep that in mind for next time)
Please note that I was not inside the Active Airspace.
Few secondes later, I was ghosted by you!

I’m really not sure where I made a mistake. I did my job to tell you that I wanted to fly VFR and did not need Radar vectors to the airport.

Note: This is the first time I’ve been ghosted since I’ve started flying on Infinite Flight.
I think this report should be reconsidered by you.

Waiting for a revert

Thank you,
Shobhit Mehrotra

P.S. This exact message has been sent to the Admin as a pm. I was not sure if I had to create new topic for it or send a pm so I’ve done both!

It doesn’t need its own topic if it’s already sent as a PM, don’t worry! I’ll help answer the query anyway.

You would still have been in the Approach controllers airspace. This extends much farther away that tower frequency airspace. This means you should be on frequency until given ‘frequency changed approved’.

You also must adhere to ILS/vector instructions if given. It is likely VFR traffic isn’t allowed in that airspace close to SoCal at the time. This is why you would have been given the ILS/RV command.

If you could not comply with ILS/RV, you should have made sure not to wander into the airspace. Please talk to the controller in PM for more.