Ghosted on Expert Live Server issue

I was just ghosted on Expert by Luke Manchester. We were unable to communicate due to the live server dropping and restarting. I’m assuming I was given directions that I couldn’t hear after making a request to take off. Please reverse. Call sign THANOSimage

Contact @Luke_M to sort things out.

You may also need to include a mod as stated in the message.


I was there (DLVA428 😉) and can confirm that I didn’t hear any of your calls. Luke is aware of the topic and I’m sure y’all will have it sorted soon.

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How do I include a Mod? Who is one?

So PM @Luke_M and @moderators.

It literally says “contact moderator.”


just get in touch with the controller that it will revert to you.

I did. Haven’t heard back. Why is it such tedious process?

Thanks I found it. Hadn’t been ghosted so didnt know the process

The moderators are very busy with a number of things. They will get to you when they get a chance.

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