Ghosted (Not By ATC)

Today I Make A Flight From KSAN To KLAX, Just Landed At KLAX And Ready For Closing My Spoilers And Flaps, Landed On Runway 25L So I Need To Cross Runway 24L, I Look To The Left And Right For Any Taking Off Or Landing Aircrafts, I Announce “Crossing Rwy 24L” , But Suddenly A 777 Philippines Enter The Runway And Start Taking Off, I Can’t Say Either “Holding Short” Because It Will Be A Holding In The Mid Of The Runway, Making The Mistake , The 777 Haven’t Been Reported, I Was By The Player.
Wait Any Moderator Contact

im confused are you saying that you tried to report and he was not ghosted(if this is the case this is normal as you could then ghost anyone you need multiple people to report if using that system) or are you saying you were ghosted by other users(if so a moderator probably ghosted you and they wont ghost for no reason so most likely you did do something)

First, please don’t use the support category for ghostings.
Anyways, it was likely a moderator that ghosted you, because player reportings were disabled a while ago. Are you totally sure that the 777 wasn’t in the process of lining up before you crossed the runway?

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Check your logbook, and contact the user.