Ghosted(maybe reported) on training server

So I was doing some pattern work in KAVX in my C-130 like two days ago. I was lined up and waiting in the runway and was there for maybe like 30 sec( that’s quite long but) and then I see something written with red in the top of the screen but couldn’t figure out what exactly it was. So I exit the game and I was still on grade 4 but when I opened up the game next day I was down to grade 3. I know it’s not a big deal I’ll get back to grade 4 maybe tomorrow. But I wanted to know to save myself in future if staying in the runway for long is an issue.
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Sounds like you got an inactive runway violation. If you would like to discuss this with a moderator you can feel free to PM them directly without having to flag anything.

Additional: On the live servers you can get a violation for being on the runway for too long. The only exception is if a live controller instructs you to line up and wait on the runway. A good controller will not let you sit there for so long that you get a violation.


Yh just go on the runway when you know your going to takeoff straight away. You will get an automatic ghost by the server when your idle for too long on the runway as the server thinks your afk


It’s called a ‘runway idle violation’

Not sure of the exact timing, but if you simply sit idle on a runway for an extended period of time, you get a violation, regardless of if it’s marked green or red.

You should never simply sit on a runway (exception being a line up and wait command from ATC to allow separation minima to departing aircraft ahead of you, or arriving aircraft to clear the runway). All pre-flight stuff should be done prior to entering the runway


Wilco thanks


For clarity mate, what is one of these? Never heard of this before?

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Sure thing. So if you’re on a live server and you enter the runway and just sit there you’ll get a violation for occupying the runway inactively. You can occupy the runway for as long as you like on solo mode :)

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Nothing to do with the runway being marked ‘red’ aka ‘inactive’. See my above comment - I think we are talking about the same thing


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Correct, I’m referring to the aircraft being inactive, not the runway not being actively used. We are on the same page.

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I wanted to add that this applies to uncontrolled airports. If the airport has ATC and you are instructed to line up and wait, you should not get a violation for waiting. I am not sure if there is a time limit but I have been waiting for a while for someone to exit with no violation.

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I’ve never had anyone hold me on the runway for long enough after being given the line up and wait command to give an accurate answer to this. Hopefully someone has a for sure answer but I think you’re correct.

never knew there was an “idle violation”. Did you get a violation or did you get reported (system ghost)? If you had violations then it must have been that idle violation thing

There is, I think it’s a violation rather than ghosting

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