Ghosted in ATL

So upon landing (8L) I was told to cross 8R and contact ground. As soon as I cross over 8R I got the ghosted notice. I’m so confused as to what to do vs what not to do at this point…

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Go to your logbook and see what the name of the controller was

Who was the controller ?

Diamondgaming4 was the controller

Contact @DiamondGaming4 for further discussion

@DiamondGaming4 Pm this guy

I was not at ground… contact @Twocflyer or @DiamondGaming4

I think maybe you should contact diamondgaming4 but I’m not sure 🤣


We get way to much of these (ligit 5 a day ) I wish the cumminity can take care of all these ghosts appeals

They do get taken care of what do you mean?

They’re taken care of by the people who were actually there and can see what actually happened. Everything can’t just be taken at face value.


FYI, this ghost has already been reversed so this topic can be closed 🙃