Ghosted from expert server

How long do you have to wait if you get reported once and get ghosted from expert server? I just got ghosted from expert server

7 days if it’s the first ghost, a year after the first one if you’ve had 5

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7 days which is 1 week or 7 week

Can you post a screenshot of your grade table just so we can make sure we are giving you correct information

That is definitely incorrect.

If you get ghosted, you must wait 7 days before you regain access to the server.


You said 7 weeks

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Take it to PM @Chris_Hoover @TimShan05 plz

Oh whoops. I meant days sorry

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I think you had a mix between 7 days and 1 week. Confusing much.

Basically it is 7 days as pointed out by Chris. If you need help contacting the controller or just want to let it wear off naturally we are happy to help in either way.


Use the ghosting as a learning experience. Contact the controller, talk about it. Then check #tutorials

Check your grade table and you’ll find your answer therein.

  • 7 days (From the time you were ghosted HH:MM to 7 days after that including the HH:MM) Hours, minutes are taken into account. A full 168hrs is how long you’ll wait.