Ghosted for stall and crash midflight

Flying on route to Amsterdam from Seattle on board a Delta A330 about an hour in I climb from FL350 to FL380 after that I go to sleep. I wake up this morning with 5 violations. Thank god you guys limited the number of violations we can get. Will I have to wait 7 days until I get back to grade 3? Or can you guys remove those unfortunate violations. Thank you for your amazing game!

Violations will not be removed.
You were probably too heavy for the altitude.
Make sure to be in stable cruise before leaving your device and climb in steps. If you’re not able to step climb you need to cruise at a lower altitude.

Guide to step climbing:


Hey there, could you share your replay of the flight with us using

We can help you find out what happened.

Also you may want to read this as you were flying the A330

Climbing from FL350 to FL380 shouldn’t have been an issue. Your speed probably played as a main factor.

After an hour the 330 has burned around 5000-7000 kg fuel. Assuming he was heavy, that is too early to climb to FL380. He would have to burn off more fuel to climb higher.

He provided info about stall mid flight and it happened when/after he climbed from FL 350 to 380.

Reason for a stall mid flight could be weight/altitude.

A good indication of a jet struggling to keep altitude/speed is N1. If the N1 value is at 100%+ you are probably too heavy for the alitude.

Just my 0.02 Cent


Your $0.02 goes a long way though. That’s very good information

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People actually use full thrust, not keep em on the N1 green? I only go full if I am going to crash or stall.

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