Ghosted for something that wasn’t my fault

Hi everyone
I just got ghosted for something that was 100% not my fault and I have proof. I (Shamrock 75)took off from Dublin without any instruction to fly runway heading until xxx feet. I took off and a couple of seconds after I get “frequency Change approved, good day” 1second after that I get “you’re in an active airspace contact Dublin tower” and “correction” I then get “check surroundings immediately “ AND LITERALLY 4 Seconds after that I get ghosted. I do not see what I did wrong this is just ridiculous I have it all on replay and now I have to wait even longer for the IFATC TEST.
I have also noticed that the plane he meant was pretty far away from me. It was higher and faster and indicated blue on my map not even orange. In my eyes he did the mistake by accidentally handing me off which is fine but now I’m getting ghosted like WHAT.

Can you guys help because idk what to do about it.

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Hey, please message the controller to get this sorted out.


@DimitriB was your controller. You can PM him yourself, or he will contact you when he is available :)


Okay I’ll do that thanks

Okay thanks a lot :)