Ghosted for requesting approach into boeing field

Hey I got ghosted for requesting to land at KBFI sense ksea was to busy which is kind of ridiculous their needs to be a better way for ATC’s to direct traffic maybe extend the approaches out rather then telling people you cant land at an airport that is always that busy in real life but besides that the approach atc banned me for requesting an approach into boeing field I did that so I would let him know what I was doing so he wouldn’t ghost me.

Check your logbook and PM the controller. This is not a support issue.

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He said I spammed the approach frequency which I only asked twice if it was possible to land at ksea and then I asked if I could approach KBFI and then he banned me for spamming 😂

Don’t forget, the controllers are always busy so you should PM them to discuss it.


@MaximV Please send Christian a PM to discuss or @Christian_Richardson you can send Maxim a PM and wait patiently for a response.