Ghosted for Overspeed - no audible alarm

Had 787 set on cruise at 340 kts climbing to FL340. Was in external view. No audible alarm sounded when I went into Overspeed. When I selected cockpit view I heard alarm. I then reduced speed to M 0.7 and got under Overspeed alarm level. Audible alarm continued in external view even though safe speed had been reached.


It usually says on the top this:
Overspeeding! Cut the throttle or pull the yoke!

If it didn’t, restart your device

I think they’re enforcing “speed limits” now except on the casual server. I heard on flight cast that they would do this to keep people from going 900 ground speed on approach in a 747 or something like that. I don’t think there’s a flight level exclusion but I could be wrong.

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My point was more of useability. I understand the mechanism. Why not have the audible alarm in all of the visual modes? I am NOT complaining about the ghost or ticket. Was just an observation/potential improvement.


When I have an over speed warning when I’m on HUD or another view it will appear at the top of my screen as an “Overspeed…pull back throttle” or something to that effect. So just keep an eye on that top screen

Oh I’m sorry, I misread your post. I understand, and yes an alarm in all views would make total sense. Anything that could result in ghosting or a violation, if it offers a warning there should be an alarm in each view.

So this was a violation and not a ghosting situation correct? Can you clarify?

Yes I did see the warning, however some users (ahem) may be distracted looking at something else and not notice the small text at the top. Since my plane is about to fall apart an audible alarm may just be beneficial. ;)


A ghosting is an automatic violation.

Lol I’ll chose to opt out of knowing what ur looking at ;) but yeah maybe an audio alarm would be feasible. 😂

Was your sound on ?

I was actually looking at the exterior of my plane from the outside. A common option if you like to view the physics.

Sorry but the simple solution is don’t fly so fast. I gradually increase speed with altitude, and never end up going faster than 460kGS. Like you said about the outside view, obviously, you won’t be able to hear a cockpit alarm from out there, same as the seatbelt warning.

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No no I said I don’t 😑 Sigh*

Lol I’m kidding yeah I do that too

Yes my sound was on. As I mentioned earlier, once my speed was in control the alarm continued in external view. Another added feature :)

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Please contact @Joe he will look at your probl

We have nothing to do with system ghosts.

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So ru a moderator hmmm noooo??? To respond me please I’m trying to help just here that is all if the system auto goste him even the moderator can’t do anything I think so thanks .