Ghosted for “Not Specified”

I was inbound to LOWW as a Austrian 114.
I tuned ATIS and after that was in pattern altitude.Then just called tower.

Can you tell me why I was ghosted?

Thank you

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Contact @Tyler_Shelton
He was the one who reported you.
Also he reported as a pilot so it must be a good reason.

Okay, thank you.

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Hey there, Tomas!

I did ghost you on arrival to LOWW today for improper arrival procedures The report took place prior to your screenshot here and I’d recommend you review your replay for more details.

That said, you were roughly 20-25 miles from the airport descending out of 20,000ft and far too fast, failing to contact tower until you were directly outside the cone at 10,100ft and 270kts (shown in your screenshot’s inbound call). This puts tower at a disadvantage and there is very little room for consideration when it’s busy like it was.

In the future I’d encourage you to descend and reduce your speed much sooner to allow tower an opportunity to provide you with quality service. You’ll regain access to the Expert Server in 7 days. Cheers!


Okay. So this never happened to me before.
I wasn’t expecting to land from 10,100ft right down to RWY11. Just wanted to know what RWY they will give me so I could decent and prepare for the final. And also LOWW wasn’t busy at all. At the time when I contacted the tower there were 6 or 7 planes.

I’ve been using Infinite Flight for quite a long time but now I’m really upset with you guys. I understand your feeling for realism but this is bit too much. It’s still a game.

Just to let you know, it was quite busy while I was doing patterns. So, I later stopped my patterns to give the controller some relief.

Thanks for your reasoning, Tomas. If you were looking for a runway assignment and instructions, final at 10,000ft and 300kts wasn’t the greatest place to do it. Tower had multiple aircraft holding short for departure, aircraft in the pattern and other inbounds. As I mentioned in my initial explanation, there is very little time for consideration and tower should not be expected to provide each step to the aircraft arriving, to include descend, reduce speed, etc. As the Expert Server description states, it is reserved for serious users only. If you wish to have a more casual, game-like experience, I’d recommend our training and casual servers which allow a bit more leeway in similar scenarios.

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to explain why you were reported. Take care, Tomas!