Ghosted for not going around!

Hi I was just Ghosted while Flying into DXB airport. I was on the runway threshold and was requested to go around. But I was unable because of very low fuel (see pic). It was actually the ATC’s mistake to give an aircraft departure clearance from holding short while I was on final. This is unfair. I can’t go around if I haven’t got enough fuel.

You got ghosted for not following ATC instructions

I understand why you think this is unfair but on any flight, there’s really not any excuse for not packing enough fuel, always have reserve fuel in your tanks no matter the duration…


You could have it was just a turn and your back to land

Please contact GlidingC via DM. I’ll set one up for you :)

Let not engage into the conversation as its non of our business. Contact controller via DM

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Whatever the flight duration is you should always load enough fuel for go arounds, holds and diversions, especially if it’s a 33 minute flight. So you can’t blame ATC for your fuel discrepancies. Don’t be entitled and own up to your mistake.


I take 14hrs fuel for a 12 hour flight, in all honesty he should have at least had 20-30mins in reserve

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Guys, let’s not discuss what went wrong, a DM has been set up with the controller, there’s no need to speculate or criticise, especially given there was a lot of traffic at Dubai today.