Ghosted for not contacting a invisible frequency

I was ghosted by tower because I didn’t contact him when I was on approach. I tried switching to his frequency but it didn’t show up on available frequencies. Now I am grade 2 for a week, is there any way I can fix this.


Check logbook and PM controller

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@Lud_d, Look in your logbook for previous flights, and there you will find your ghosting. Could you give us the name of the controller there?

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I recommend you contact a moderator to get the ghost removed. Plus, if you have gone NORDO (thanks to Jack_BC for the initial term and Andre_S for the revised term) you should divert to an uncontrolled airport immediately unless you know what you’re doing and you have gone VFR.

I’ve had that issue before but luckily my controller understood something was up. Check your logbook to see who the controller was so you can get the DM going. Hope all goes well

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Oh I used to have this same issue. It somehow resolved, not sure how though. I never have it happen anymore.

Ok thank you everyone! I have DMed the controller and now I know what to do if it happens again!😃


As always, when you are directly handed off from approach, you should never be searching for a frequency.

Just hold the headset icon for a second and it will switch for you.

There is the possibility there may still be an issue, but I cannot stress enough how “searching-but-cannot-find” should never be an issue because you should never do anything but just let the app take you directly to the frequency. This goes for Approach to tower, but also from tower to departure (where pilots often end up switching to approach even though given a direct handoff) or other such scenarios.

(If you were switching without a handoff, you were switching without permission, which is never an acceptable option. If you weren’t great, but enough pilots do it, it needs to be said. [For those that do, you will be handed off when you actually intercept the correct localizer.])

This is for general purpose use, outside of one specific situation. In the future…yada yada.


There was no approach and tower just came online when the incident happened and thats why he asked me to switch to his frequency. Just letting you know :)

I had the exact same problem at WIII a few days back. I was able to end the flight before I got ghosted.
They need to fix this issue immediately! Its ruining some of my flights!

Okay, that fine.

That’s why I made sure to note that I meant general purpose because it happens a lot when it is a direct handoff.

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I’m already PM him, topic can be close, Thanks Tim!