Ghosted for normal procedure

I am sorry but I spend a lot of time and money on this game and this experience. I just finished a flight into Boston in RW landing rwy 4R exiting rwy 15L and onto the taxiway. First ever ghost for a procedure done rw. Was going 60 kts at the taxiway previous and was instructed to exit when able… Just was about to spend more time on the flight after parking going to KPIT, it was already set up in my flight for the real world flight with real world route. spent hours on the game today to wind up ruining the night.pThis has been fun, but a warning before ghosting would have been nice. was interested in doing ATC here but if this is “as real as it gets”…

Captain D Cakes.

Go to your logbook and see who was controlling and then contact them on here.

On your logbook it should tell you who ghosted you, to appeal this ghost message that user on the forums (here).
If you need more help you can message me.


16:47 and how it exited. i received no warning like a please see forums. just an instant ghost.

Dealt with via PM