GHOSTED for no reason?


For this kind of post always try to PM the controller directly and if you cannot find them message @joe as he will help you out. Good luck

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well i obviously was,how do i message a person individually @Wren_Jago

So you need to know their IFC username. Please then search top right for that username and you should be able to find them. Click on your persons profile picture which will load you their profile Click message and write whatever you want.

He is a new user so can not message. The controller knows and will message you.

He’s a new user, he can’t PM?

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i cant do it :(

@jakeSamuels1998 not following any instructions is not no reason, even another controller flying on my frequency messaged me to ghost you.
Amsterdam has not a single mountain that would make an “unable” necessary


i followed the instruction?

fine forget it, obviously not gonna win on this kinda stuff am i

I’m not suppose to reply on here but I was flying at the time you was.

Here is the log and you sent the controller two unable messages when he was trying to vector you for an approach and then you requested VFR, as a way of getting round the requests.


Do you really want me to post my screenshot of you “Following instructions”?

You kept requesting things forever and when I asked you to follow instructions after you said “unable” for at least the second time you asked for flight following…flight following does not mean “i don’t want to follow your instructions I’ll do the approach by myself”


like i said forget it, ill take the ghost

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@Carson, @MishaCamp or @Henrik

Please close been resolved

Don’t tag mods just flag it

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Il do as I please 👍🏻😂


No the moderators have said they do not enjoy it if you want more info PM me


is it true i have to wait 7 days before being allowed back on @Wren_Jago

I don’t need any more information I’m toying with you, man you regulars need to lighten up, it’s the devs we don’t tag, if I need a moderators input I will tag them,

Rather than flagging a post so that it goes against someone when it doesn’t need to.


This is not a necessary post. Please see When Inquiring About Your Ghost...

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