Ghosted for no reason


I have been ghosted for no reason that i was lined up for departure and there was no planes appearing in front of me not sure if internet issue or what but i was ghosted for taxing through others

Please need your support to reactivate my grade and remove the ghost mood

Waiting for your kind reply.


Do you know who your controller was?

I don’t know the full messaging policy of TL0s but I believe you can message @reports.

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Can you send a screenshot of your logbook?

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That is indeed correct!

Yes sure

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@Kamaniya can sort it out with you via PM.

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He can’t PM him because he is only TL0, but he can PM @reports. It might have been an internet issue that caused you to not see the other planes around you.

He never said to PM him…


I know.

I tagged the controller to notify her to PM them first.


They basically said it’ll be resolved over pm not contact them via pm. The OP can contact @reports regardless of TL to resolve it. :)

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You’re right, my bad I misread it.