Ghosted for no reason

Hello, I was ghosted for no reason departing from Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong, i had asked the controller for approach to Hong Kong international Airport , he said that the airport is not allowing incoming aircraft and seconds later when i was turning around to kai tak i had been ghosted for nothing. anyone can help me.


Can you check your logbook for the controller who ghosted you? We can help you come in contact with them.

IFATC IPP NJ24. interfering with other aircraft it says, but on my screen there were no aircafts, it might have been a lag. I got reported for ghosting while lagging. YAY

Send a message to @NJ24. He will help explain your ghost. Remember to be polite and that a ghost should be thought of as a learning experience rather than a punishment.

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Please follow the instructions highlighted above. Thanks!