Ghosted for no reason

I am on short final at KLAX and have reported I am on final because ATC was not responding. I announce go around because I wasn’t cleared for landing and shortly after I was ghosted for not having clearance to land. Is this my fault or just bad ATC?

Hello Aviation3. Can you check in your logbook which controller ghosted you? I would venture to guess it is @Twocflyer, as he is the controller currently working that position. You can attempt to contact him but if you are unable due to your trust level he can contact you.

I think that was him. Was this my fault or ATC error?

This is something we are unable to answer as we do not have all the details. This is why it is best you contact him to inquire about it and you may possibly receive a remedy if it was controller error or a connection issue. Best regards.


Is there any way a ghost can be taken back?

Hey @Twocflyer is your controller. Please pm him.
He is still controlling.


Yes, but it depends on the circumstances of the ghosting. Without further detail it is out of my reach to determine if there is a legitimate reason for reversal, this is why it is important that you contact him and discuss it via private message as you both can share your points of view. Feel free to invite a moderator to your private message to observe your discussion as a third party.

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Thank you for your help. I have contacted him and explained what happened.

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I just finished controlling he has contacted me. Thanks

Thanks all :)