Ghosted for no reason

Guys, I’m kind of freaking out, I just got reported for no reason at Madrid. I saw the replay and all, I was doing everything he told me to (there was no warning).
I actually think he got confused and reported me instead because minutes before that he warned someone else about ghosting them if they don’t follow instructions.
Please help.

Check your logbook tell us who the controller was:)

Look up the controller, and PM please, there is nothing we can do here…

We can help connect you two though if you need help… 😁

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Better off to just pm the controller and sort it out with him. Not much we can do!

Yes it was IFATC Matt777

@Matt777 i believe is your guy, as said up above pm him:)

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Like me it made me ghost, without justified reason, I already contacted the controller, but is there a moderator who can observe this situation?

The controller has been notified. First step is to always talk to the controller.