ghosted for no reason

Hi Pilots my problem started 3 days ago I was flying to EHAM airport and there was an ATC approach His call sign is IFATC Flying High I tried to contact the tower asking for ILS approach but there was no response then for no reason I got ghosted by the tower. I posted my problem 2 days ago illustrate my situation then I found that Tom_Grollman was ATC at the time and told me may be it is a connection issue and told me to contact Joe ATC Moderator unfortunately Joe won’t help me just using his power to not reverse the ghost and not answering at my message at all and this is not fair to been ghosted from game for 3 days without any reason I am just asking to anyone could help me
Thank you



Contact other IFATC moderators like @tyler_shelton

If Joe won’t reverse your ghost, why are you expecting others to do so?


I am asking for help not expecting

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Joe is the ATC Moderator and if he says your ghost won’t be reversed than that is final. Please don’t make another topic about it.

If my memory serves me correctly he asked yo tou ask in a more respectful manner.


its my prerogative ask for help and I am always respectful to all community member also If the ghost caused by me and it was my mistake I will accept it but not my mistake

You were not respectful in your initial post.

However, creating yet another topic won’t help you. As already said, if Joe failed to respond just contact another one. Simple as that.


I am respectful with anyone how treat me same thank you for your advise

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@TODAY0204… See my PM. Max