ghosted for no reason

Hi pilotsI was flying today going to EHAM airport and there an approach tower
I contact him asking for ILS approch but I do not received any responce
but I got a ghost from him and I uploaded 2 pics showing that his info
please I am just asking for just a reason for ghosting to avoid it in the future and remove the ghost becuse
thank you

What was your call sign as I was working eham Approach at the time ?

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my call sign is P at B c-17


This isn’t Twitter.

Please turn off the CAPS and use calm, complete sentences, with actual words. It does wonders for being taken seriously.


with all respect I do what i want it is my busines

I may be of use here. You shouldn’t have checked in - the best thing to do would be to request radar vectors. This tells you more about checking in.

Also, you didn’t really need to then request an ILS approach, and you certainly didn’t need to request a frequency change. But Tom will be able to tell you exactly why he ghosted you.

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If you want any satisfaction I would behave like Tim mentioned. I will look back at my screenshots and ghosts. I had 1 aircraft that kept contacting me on Approach and was showing as Uknown. So I had tower ghost for me.


You can just pm tom now.

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WIth all due respect, I’ll do what I want to do as well. That includes not reversing your ghost unless you can rephrase your complaint in a professional manner.