Ghosted for frequncy I couldn't reach


I was just ghosted because I was asked to contact tower on a frequency I couldn’t reach (CYYZ Tower on 118.35). But the only available frequency for CYYZ was the Unicom frequency (122.80) I tried to do a search based on the name in the log book, but it might be an alias, because I can’t find the user.


Did it say ‘reported by multiple users’ or something similar? If si this was a in game moderator, yet it still should say who ghosted you in your logbook. Click the ℹ button.

Also if you think there is a technical issue and you physically can’t connect to the ATC frequency (always try clicking on the info tab in the map), then change your callsign to ‘NORDO’

This means ‘No Radio’. IFATC have been trained to deal with this, which generally means n their side to clear all traffic out your way and hope you enter the airspacs correctly. It also means on your side you should be aware of the surrounding traffic, and attempt to tune onto another frequency so they can hand you off to them. It’s worked for me a few times by now.

@Dollo30 Just checked the logs. I’ve notified your controller (@roostbrood) , and he will be in contact soon.


I’ll shoot him a PM.

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In addition to the NORDO tip, it can be worth flying away from the airspace / other traffic, entering airplane mode for 15-20 seconds, and seeing if the frequencies appear when you reconnect to the server. I have had a few of these issues since the update, and that has worked every time.

MaxSez: There that unidentifable Controller Again! When will “they” require IF Comm recognizable Address’s as the IFATC rule book require. This appears to a tech problem. No need to contact the unknown controller. Pass it directly to a Moderator for resolution.

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