Ghosted for frequency spamming

Hi there

Plane geek 101 was/is controlling ground at LSGG. Reported me for frequency spamming. I can’t get my head round why he kept at least 10 aircraft waiting to pushback, when there was nothing in our way. Granted there were around 8 aircraft waiting to take off at the runway, but come on, reporting me for spamming? I have sent him a message asking him to revue his report. But guys, this sim is meant to be fun, but busting me down from a grade 4 to a 2!!! Can infinite flight add something to the controllers txt, that can explain why we’re holding positions for so long ie on approach you can tell a pilot to do a 180/360 for spacing as an example?

It takes out all the fun of using the sim. I’ve had many an argument with my wife just to get to the hours and grade I’ve reached.

I’m hoping Plane geek reads my message and replies to me.




Hey thanks for telling us but unfortunately I doubt this could be reversed but if you politely PM @PlaneGeek maybe you could sort it out.

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How many times did you send the same message?

I was BAVA112 operating for British Airways VA. I was inbound and I can say for myself and @PlaneGeek that there were LOTS of traffic there and the Approach controller sorted the inbound traffic out but left leaving the heavy workload on PlaneGeek… he did an excellent job with handling it by having some airplanes do 360s then sequencing them and having to manage Ground and Tower simultaneously WILL be a struggle… today reminded me of FNF when it wasn’t… @Mannyy66 and duplicating messages would mot make it any better on the poor @PlaneGeek who was well trained to become an IFATC.

I believe you were being a little impatient, even if there was nobody in the area preventing a pushback, he might have been handling a busy tower or had a reminder on you waiting or had you in a sequence depending on who requested first…

Next time, just be patient, please.


You have to find an app your wife can enjoy, problem solved.
Sometimes all aircraft don’t show if it’s busy. Did you look at the map?

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Three. But I had been waiting for over ten minutes. Every pilot that asked for pushback was made to wait. I couldn’t see a reason why. I’ve never had to wait that long.

Did you see the workload on inbound/outbound traffic?

This sounds like a gate hold, make sure to always check the ATIS frequency and check it carefully.

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The best advice I can give you is that a friendly approach to the situation, and the desired outcome at the end of the day should not be to get un-ghosted, but rather to learn from your mistakes. But keep in mind, ATC are trained to tell if what you did was wrong.


These are without a approach controller… he had to manage a lot of traffic.

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Come to think of it. ATIS did say gate hold. My bad


Yes, so remember when there is a gate hold, don’t request pushback ;).

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You were spamming simple as next time just be patient and take your time. 😀✈️ But please next time message the controller and discuss saving making a topic. 👍


Exactly… well, I guess you received your answer about gate hold. Refer to the IFATC Public manual to learn about different ATIS message meanings.


Just for info, each time you request PB more you go to the top of the flight strip. If its busy I work from the bottom of the list as those have been waiting the longest. It makes you wait longer so not worth it.


When you send a message, only send it once, atc aren’t going to forget about you

You can, (well I do) they’ll just tell you to hold position instead of having to ask later

No,when gate hold is in effect there’s no sense in requesting pushback just to hear a Hold position message and increase controller’s workload


Gate Hold is a non official wording for procedures belonging to the Airspace Flow Program, Ground Delay Program and the Ground Stop Programm. Airspace Flow Program is for enroute traffic management, for example severe weather in the area or enroute, Ground delay means your aircraft is hold at the depature airport because of too much traffic at your destination airport and ground stop is a procedure to reduce the amount of holdings which at the same time reduces the stress level for the controller.

You can see, holding you at the gate is not done because someone does’t like you or your airline… it is necessary because sometimes there are just too many planes for too less airspace available.


MaxSez: Just another example of the failure to staff up the Expert Server and the pilot’s frustration suffered on Expert during high tempo ops when one man attempts too juggle two positions at one of the only 3 aerodromes offering full ATC service, the workload is overwhelming. Additionally Pilots there’s a lesson to be re-learned here.; “PM the Controller involved” don’t weep in public it serves no useful purpose it’s Toll/Bloviator bait. Finally ATC’s MUST use an addressable ID in the Field Data Block not a nom de plume . Nuff said, Max