Ghosted for following the instructions from ATC?

Good morning.

I was trying to land in KMCO in Expert server and the ATC Approach was giving me the instructions. I followed the instructions but every time that I was on route to the runway he put me in the wrong direction. So and the third time that I was trying to approach I was in the wrong direction for 15 grades and the MR in ATC decided send me outside
Of my flight of 8 hours. I invest 8 hours and I found an ATC who didn’t know how to put me in the right way to the runway.

And guess what?

I am grade 2 just because the man he made mistakes. That’s great you know!?

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Who was the controller? Go into your logbook and see who it was, and then PM him to discuss your report.


This is the amazing thing about replay, you get ATC replay too so you have that as proof to who was wrong. Good luck mate!


He most likely “put you in the wrong direction” because he was trying to vector you to the runway along with all the other pilots trying to arrive. Based on what you said, it sounds like you didn’t follow his vectoring and instead just went straight for the runway. If this is the case, remember that you should always follow ATC instructions. :)

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Cantact me via PM and let me know your callsign

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Yeah I know twice he send me back and in the third I was on the wrong way again and guess what?. In the second chance I was alone in the approach even with that he couldn’t put me in the right way. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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It sounds like we are trying to fit a square in a round hole here…

What your fellow community members are trying to say is that ATC was providing instruction to the runway in use which may or may not be the runway you’ve planned for. Following instructions is required on the expert server and some level of flexibility is encouraged. In the future I recommend looking at your map well before your arrival to determine the traffic flow and actual runway in use to be better equipped when you enter the airspace. Cheers!