Ghosted For Following Instructions in Expert Server

I was just ghosted on a flight from EFHK to KFLL on the Expert Server. I contacted approach and followed their instructions for the ILS approach on runway 28R. They told me to follow their instructions, and disregard the flight plan, which I did. And then they told me to follow instructions or I would be ghosted. And of course after about a minute or so without further vectors, I was ghosted. Am I missing something? I have attached pictures that will hopefully provide some more information. If I did something wrong please let me know.
Thanks, N3905KL

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Please send a pm to @NJ24. Thanks!

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He can message. I’m a basic user as well as him and can start a pm.

You haven’t followed the first instruction, be sure to do that too.
If I’m totally wrong be sure to PM @NJ24, he’ll explain everything. Thanks

Your controller has been tagged twice :)

Send him a PM!