Ghosted for following instructions and confused center controller

who was the controller who was doing approach and the controller for center just now because I followed instructions the whole time and now I end up ghosted

Could you send us a picture of your logbook?

Were you at RJTT?

yes at RJTT and @EdCruz it doesn’t say on the logbook.

Just snap a photo of the flight’s logbook.

@Juan_Oosthuizen was center but don’t know who approach is

Just snap of the latest log book screenshot please, even if nothing is there.

who is IPP NJ24 I found the violation given in replay

Hey, if you cant contact ur controller, for all violations you can contact @appeals and take a look here: Inquiring About Violations, be ready with your replay.

Your guy is @NJ24. pm him please.

ok sorry not sure how this new system is supposed to work as it used to be in the comments and isn’t there anymore thank you for helping @anon28254084

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Answered. Thanks folks!