Ghosted for being parked?

Ok, so I have a question. I regularly enjoy plane spottng in IF and it’s recently come to my attention that I run the risk of being ghosted for spectating at an active airport.
So I’m asking here for the OFFICIAL answer. Will I be ghosted for sitting IN A PARKING SPACE ON EXPERT?

No, you will not be ghosted for just being parked at a gate.


And if I am, what is my recourse?

Not unless you’ve parked in a really inappropriate place, no.

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You contact the controller/moderator that ghosted you.

IFATC’s won’t ghost you for this reason. It it happens, take some screenshots and contact a moderator as @schyllberg mentioned above.

Ok, I understand that but how will that help if the controller keeps buzzing me telling me to state my intentions and to please expidite

They shouldn’t do that. Not on Expert.

Alright thanks for all ur help. Moderator you can close this now. Thank u.

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